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TS Management System

  1. Interactive Academic Web Profile (Website):

    A school website provides information about your school and what you do well. When properly designed and constructed a website, it can open a new horizon with up to-date data and easy access to those. We are living in a large community. Your website can be a valuable showcase for representing educational environment of your school. A school website can become a great resource for those families who are relocating or finding a school for his/her child. It is possible to publish all kind of information about institute such as institute history, achievements, event news and photo gallery, teacher profile, daily notice, downloading application form, online admission form fill up and submitting, guardian feedback, Academic rules & regulation etc.
    An institute can maintain their website and content (website document) can be managed by using admin panel.

  2. Online Result Publishing:

    It is a well establish software for any school & college. Using this software you can publish your internal result through online and mobile SMS. There are some key features as bellow,

    1. Rank List
    2. Mark Sheet
    3. Tabulation Sheet
    4. Year Average
    5. Result Card
    6. Easy Access to Previous Result
    7. Result SMS
    8. Progress report

  3. Student Database (Profile):

    Different types of information of a student can be managed by this solution such as family & personal information, result of each class, different types of activity report, leave & absence report, accounting report and it is also extendable as your demand.

  4. TimeAttendance

    There are three different ways for introducing time attendance system in your institute.

    1. Proximity Card
    2. Finger Print
    3. Manual Attendance

    SMS Alert:

    We have four different types of mobile SMS alert. SMS will be forwarded to parent mobile when his/her child comes to school.

    1. Student IN
    2. Student OUT
    3. Student Absent
    4. Advance Leave

    Proximity Card:

    A proximity card or prox card is a smart card which can be "read" without inserting it into a reader device, as required by earlier magnetic stripe cards such as credit cards. To use, the proximity card is held near an electronic reader unit for a moment. The reader usually produces a "beep" or other sound to indicate the card has been read. Proximity cards typically have a range of around 5 cm (2 inches) for reading. The term "proximity card" can refer to the older 125 kHz devices or the newer 13.56 MHz contactless smartcards. Proximity cards can hold more data than a magnetic stripe card.

  5. SMS Service:

    By using this service, any student or guardian can get terminal result, regular notice update, attendance alert, Event SMS etc.

  6. MCQ Exam:

    Any student can participate at online MCQ practice exam.

  7. Student Accounts

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